What is Flux?

Established in May of 2014

Tired of losing touch with friends and wanting a supportive foundation, we set out to create Flux.

At our core, we are a multi-gaming community currently serving PC gamers across various titles. Our group consists of both casual and hardcore players who have gathered under a single banner to work together and build a name for ourselves! Each of us has a passion for gaming. We aim to make experiences enjoyable for all and radiate a positive vibe to players outside of the community.

We welcome all active gamers who are looking to connect and game with a diverse group so that you won't ever have to start another game by yourself again. In Flux, you will belong and be apart of a community that values sportsmanship, teamwork, and engagement.


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From the moment you join Flux you’re stepping into a community which values you and your playtime, regardless of how much or little that may be. All community members are encouraged, but not required, to join or create community guilds, attend community events, and participate in surveys & meetings- to ensure Flux grows in a direction YOU value.

Community Members are the heart of Flux, and are the front line in every game we play. Long standing members always lead the charge to help recruit players that belong within our ranks, go out of their way to make sure they feel welcome, and step up when needed to stand unified in community efforts.


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While playing video games can sometimes be a solitary activity, more often than not gamers enjoy playing together. Despite their reputation for introversion, gamers can be quite social. Multiplayer games are also extremely popular, to the point where gamers will create them inside single-player games.

Discord makes it easy for people playing in multiplayer with their team to communicate without having to rely on the caprices of Skype or Steam’s chat client, or having to cope with the limits of chat clients like Mumble and Teamspeak. Discord is also safer for gamers, since it is allegedly impossible to obtain IP addresses and DDoS other players – a recurring and serious problem.





"Coming together is a beginning, staying together
is progress, and working together is success."

- Henry Ford


Current Focus

Flux is proud to support a variety of different games, genres, and console platforms. There are no restrictions on our players with regards to their gaming preferences. Our most prominent presence is in MMORPGs, but our members often play various RTS, FPS, and MOBAs.

Black Desert Online Division

Established in February of 2016

Flux has been a competitive guild within Black Desert Online since Beta 1 testing for North American servers. Originating from Orwen, this division continues to progress and grow stronger as time passes. We maintain a healthy balance of PvE and PvP aspects that this game has to offer members, and actively participate in weekly node wars/siege.

If you are interested in joining Flux for Black Desert Online, please join discord and get ahold of a representative with our @BDO Officer tag to discuss our current level and gearscore requirements as these requirements change gradually over time.

Elder Scrolls Online Division

Established in December of 2017

Sweetroll Demons is a dedicated guild that brings members together to overcome the dangers of Tamriel. We play well with all factions with in ESO, and work together to conquer Dungeons, World Bosses, Trials, and many other events.  We hope you will join our guild and bolster our ranks!

What we do:
Dungeon & World Boss Runs
Zone Clearing/Skyshard Hunting
Holiday Events!